12 MAR


IBM Training for Bede - HPC

This session will offer a broad introduction to Bede and its system and architecture.

Online Event
12 Mar 2021 9 a.m. — 11 a.m.

Join IBM HPC and AI Technical Expert Ludo Enault for the first of three sessions to help users access and maximise the benefits of Bede, N8 CIR's new GPU-accelerated computing platform.

After a general introduction to the system, Ludo will cover:

  • How to submit jobs to Bede
  • Maximising the benefit of GPUs in batch workloads
  • Understanding IBM's AC922 (Power 9) architecture

The session will have plenty of time for questions and discussion about how best to run your code on Bede.

We will add more information to this page as and when it becomes available.

This session is only open to those working or studying at one of the N8 universities. When registering for this event, please use your academic (.ac.uk) e-mail address. This will help us to verify your eligibility for the session.

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