Isaac Odiase

Digital Health Community Day Presentations


Luke Hounsome, UKHSA

  How Data and Analytics Shapes Policy Hounsome

Isaac Odiase, HDR UK

Major Research Presentations

Philippa Ryan, University of York


David Wong, University of Leeds

  detecting neurodegenerative diseases using smartphones Wong

Ioanna Thoma, University of Durham

  SPARRA I Thoma

Lauren Walker, Liverpool University

  DynAIRx L Walker

Tim Chico, University of Sheffield, and Abigail Durrant, Newcastle University

  South Yorkshire Digital Health Hub Chico   North Futures A Durrant

Claudio Fronterre, Lancaster University

  Design and analysis of prevalence surveys for NTDs Fronterre

Sian Bladon, University of Manchester

  Predicting a relapse of psychosis Bladon

Paolo Missier, Newcastle University


Lightning Talks

Xiaomin Ming, University of Manchester

  Covid-19 and broad-spectrum antibiotic prescribing Xioamin

Silvia Del Din, Newcastle University

  Wearables and broad-spectrum antibiotic Silvia

Asra Aslam, University of Leeds

  DynAIRx for Optimising Prescriptions Aslam

Nicola Rennie, Lancaster University

  phonocardiogram signals to detect heart murmurs Rennie

Kuan Liao, University of Manchester


Anna Fretwell, Newcastle University

  Living beyond colorectal cancer Fretwell

Jessica Bridgen, Lancaster University

  Modelling nosocomial transmission routes of SARS-CoV-2Bridgen

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