Intermediate Python in the Humanities

Find out how Melodee Wood uses Python to prepare and analyse images and text using the Python programming language.


This two-part course will see participants build upon a general understanding of the Python language to develop specific analytical approaches to their humanities data — numerical, textual and visual.

During the first session participants put their introductory Python skills to work by acquiring, cleaning and performing a image analysis techniques on a variety of non-textual materials, allowing them to add quantitative detail and specificity to their interpretations of these sources.

The videos from this first session are split into two parts:

In the second session, and with a solid understanding of MatPlotLib and the other visual analysis libraries used in session one, participants will create their own visualisations of digital texts, ideal for both further analysis and a final presentation of results.

Again, the videos from this session are in two parts:

Intermediate Python, Part 1 - Uploading and Preparing Text

Intermediate Python, Part 2 - Plotting and Visualising Your Text

Intermediate Python, Part 3 - Understanding Images

Intermediate Python, Part 4 - Analysing Images

About the Instructor

Dr Melodee Wood is a Senior Lecturer in Digital History in the School of Social Sciences and Humanities at Loughborough University, UK. Her research explores the ways in which the movement of peoples and ideas intersect and the practical traces of imagined communities within the Anglophone World.

As an advocate of the Digital Humanities and Open Research, she works to develop and promote computer-aided methodologies through her roles as history editor for the Open Library of Humanities and Fellow of the Software Sustainability Institute.

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