Alison Hale

Skills - R; MATLAB; JavaScript; Maple
Academic Domains - Health Informatics; Biostatistics; Mathematical Physics

Photo of Alison hale
Alison Hale

Alison Hale is an academic working in The Centre for Health Informatics; Computing; and Statistics (CHICAS) at Lancaster Medical School; Lancaster University. She commenced her academic career having already gained many years of experience working as a software engineer in business and industry where she specialised in developing web based informatics systems; regularly programming in JavaScript; Perl and SQL. Consequently her academic research; starting with a PhD in theoretical physics; has always involved writing considerable quantities of modelling software in a variety of languages e.g. C++; FORTRAN and MATLAB. For instance; Alison has developed both mathematical and computation models for systems of coupled partial differential equations in the presence of hysteresis.

Alison is currently working at the interface of health informatics and biostatistics after gaining a Medical Research Council Skills Development Fellowship. Her interests lie in longitudinal analysis of secondary care patient data and also developing near-real time web based software to map health outcomes simultaneously across space and time; for example see applications at and

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