Fiona Galston

Skills - JavaScript; Angular; Web; C#;

Fiona Galston has recently moved into an RSE role at Newcastle University after spending over 4 years working as a Software Developer in industry. She has spent time in varied roles across innovation and application support for companies in the nuclear energy and medical sectors.

Fiona has industry experience in Angular/AngularJS; C#; full-stack JavaScript solutions; Salesforce; mobile application and web development.

Fiona graduated from Northumbria University in 2015 with a BSc in Computer & Network Technology; this included modules in C; C++; web technologies; robotics and home automation and enterprise network implementation.

Currently she is working with Animating Text Newcastle University; on web-based projects to visualise text and related data in new ways; with the aim to transform the way we understand and interact with texts.

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