Ian Smith

Skills - C/C++; FORTRAN; Python; Perl; (some) R; (some) Java; Powershell; PHP; UNIX shell
Academic Domains - Mostly support bioinformatics/biostatistics users at present

Ian Smith is a Principal Analyst working currently within a small research computing team in the Computing Services Department at the University of Liverpool and has lengthy experience of software development and system/user support within both academia and industry.

He currently manages the University HTCondor service which provides up to 2;000 compute cores on Windows-based classroom PC (see http://condor.liv.ac.uk). Ian also acts a sysadmin for a Linux cluster used in Biostatistics/Personalised Medicine research and is familiar with bio-informatics/statistics software. Currently; he is also interested in making Cloud resources (e.g. Amazon Web Services) available for research users via a simple Condor interface so that users can more easily migrate from local facilities to Cloud.

Ian has experience of C/C++; FORTRAN; Python; R and Windows PowerShell as well as older languages such as PHP; Perl; UNIX shell script; Java; occam; Pascal and assembler. He has worked in a variety of application areas including wireless networks; embedded systems; machine vision; sparse linear algebra and intelligent packet networks. Ian has a PhD in computer vision and undergraduate/masters degrees in Electronic Engineering/Telecommunications.

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