Max Birkett

Skills C; C++; C#; Python; Java; Javascript; MATLAB; SQL; ASP.NET; ASP; CGI; IIS; ISAPI; HTML; CSS; DOM; AJAX; NUnit; Git; Mercurial; CVS; CCDC CSD Python API; MPI; Entity Framework; NHibernate

I'm a physicist and research software engineer developing high-throughput workflows for efficient discovery of new functional materials (e.g. for fluid separation, depollution, catalysis, carbon capture, gas storage, batteries, or medicines) at the Materials Innovation Factory, University of Liverpool (UoL); this work features software development, verification, large remote datasets, rigorous analysis, physical modelling and consultation with interdisciplinary stakeholders.

One example of how we've dramatically boosted workflow performance recently is by parallelising calculations across multiple computational nodes or high-performance computing (HPC) clusters.

Software engineering has been a constant throughout my career: while a physicist at the Stephenson Institute for Renewable Energy (UoL) I sought new high-performance solar cells and transparent conductors through development of spectral inversion methods for accurate optical property determination, while also creating tools for client researchers and supervising colleague's development work.

I'm also a senior software engineer, with a decade's expertise in leading highly-talented, interdisciplinary teams though design and development of major data-critical web, phone, and stand-alone applications for local government, NHS, and corporate clients.

I'm proficient with various languages (C/C++, C#, Python, Java, MATLAB, SQL), web technologies (ASP/.NET, CGI, IIS/ISAPI, HTML/CSS, DOM/AJAX), workflow utilities (NUnit, Git, Mercurial, CVS), and libraries (CCDC CSD Python API , MPI, Entity Framework, NHibernate), and I'm happy to help with development works.

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