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The N8 CIR has created several sub-mailing lists to meet the needs of specific interest areas within the project please use the links below to join these.

N8 CIR General Mailing List

The N8 CIR general mailing list sends out regular emails to make the community aware of training and meetings happening across the N8 that may be of interest. Please click the button below to auto-generate an email to be added to this list.

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N8 CIR Bede User Group

This mailing list is for any Bede user who is interested in contributing their feedback and being actively involved in shaping the Bede service through Bede User Group meetings.

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N8 RSE Mailing List

This list is for research software engineers based at one of the N8 Research Partnership Universities.

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N8 RSE Leaders Mailing List

This list is for leaders of RSE groups at an N8 institution.

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N8 CIR Bede Support Group Mailing List

This is a closed list for Bede support staff at the N8 universities. If you think you should be included on this list please contact:

N8 CIR Women in HPC Mailing List

If you would like to be involved in our Women in HPC Action Group that monitors and implements actions for better diversity, inclusion, and accessibility across N8 CIR please go its web page and for other enquiries please get in touch with the WHPC N8 CIR Chapter lead, Mariann, at .


If you are having problems subscribing to any of our lists or have general questions about the programme or specific events then please get in touch with our Enquiries team using the link below. If you have specific questions for the programme manager or RSE theme lead, please get in touch with them directly using the following links. Thank-you.

Contact the Enquiries team

Contact the N8 CIR Programme Manager

Contact the N8 CIR RSE Theme Lead

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