How to Register a Project on Bede

How to apply for an account on the Bede supercomputer housed at Durham University.

Access to the machine is based on projects. To register a project on Bede you will need to complete the online form. Bede has a unique Power and GPU architecture so we actively encourage applicants to speak to their Bede RSE before applying. Once your form is completed it will automatically be submitted to the N8 CIR team. From here it will be sent to your local Bede project approvers and a decision will be made at your institution on the merits of the application. If you have not had a response 10 working days after you have submitted an application please e-mail sam.bland@york.ac.uk, the RSE Theme Lead for N8CIR. If your project is not approved you will be notified by the Bede support team via e-mail. An unsuccessful application does not prevent further applications.

Successful applications will be passed to Bede's system administrators in Durham who will issue a project code and register the project with SAFE. The SAFE system will then automatically send you notification of approval and your project code. Once you have registered on SAFE you can invite the other members of your research team to register. If your application is successful to use the system you need to:

Create an EPCC SAFE account and login to the SAFE system at: https://safe.epcc.ed.ac.uk and select "Project > Request access" from the web interface and then register against your project

Access to Bede from outside the N8

Bede is funded and supported by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Council (EPSRC) meaning access to the system may be open to those outside of the N8 universities. This page explains these application routes.

Consortia Access

Some of the EPSRC High-End Computing (HEC) consortia have been allocated a proportion of resources on Bede. The participating consortia manage this access on behalf of N8 CIR. Details of how to apply to use these resources can be found on the links below:

  • HECBioSim

  • EPSRC access to HPC

    Bede is a part of the EPSRC’s Access to HPC programme. During their funding calls you can apply for access to the system via the EPSRC’s funding portal.

    You may find it useful to look over a previous UKRI Access to HPC call call to familiarise yourself with the process and required information>

    Bede is part of the national HPC ecosystem, which includes more traditional X86-type HPC clusters. You can see all of the systems that you can apply to at:

    Pump priming

    We recognise that Bede’s GPU-accelerated architecture may pose challenges for some prospective users. To help address this we are offering a pump-priming service to enable users to port, test and optimise their code ahead of large-scale access through the routes explained above.

    To apply for time in this way, please use the online form and ensure you answer Yes to question 2 ‘Are you applying to use Bede as part of a pilot project ahead of a formal EPSRC call?’

    We are in the process of developing a driving test to help new users to familiarise themselves with the Bede environment. A small resource allocation on Bede will be awarded to users who pass the test.

    Details of how to take this driving test will be published on the Bede website, shared with the Bede User Group and announced in our newsletter.

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