University Theme Leads

The N8 CIR has an academic lead for its three key themes at each institution across the N8 universities. For you to easily find who to contact locally, their names and links to their university research pages are given here.

Durham University

Lancaster University

  • Digital Health: Dr Claudio Fronterre, Lecturer in Biostatistics (Global Health), Faculty of Health and Medicine
  • Digital Humanities: Prof Ian Gregory, Professor of Digital Humanities, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
  • Machine Learning: Dr Chris Nemeth, Professor in Statistics

University of Leeds

  • Digital Health: Dr Samuel Relton, Associate Professor of Health Data Science, School of Medicine
  • Digital Humanities: Dr Mel Evans, Lecturer in English Language, School of English
  • Machine Learning: Dr Serge Sharoff, Professor of Language Technology

University of Liverpool
  • Digital Health: Prof Sarah Rodgers, Professor of Health Informatics
  • Digital Humanities: Prof Mark Towsey, Professor of the History of the Book, Department of History
  • Machine Learning: Dr Maya Wardeh, NPIF Research Fellow, Institute of Infection, Veterinary and Ecological Sciences

Manchester University
  • Digital Health: Dr David Jenkins, Lecturer (Health Data Science), Division of Informatics, Imaging and Data Sciences
  • Digital Humanities: Dr Luca Scholz, Lecturer in Digital Humanities and History, Art History and Cultural Practices
  • Machine Learning: Dr Alex Skillen, Lecturer in Engineering Simulation and Data Science, Department of Mechanical, Aerospace & Civil Engineering

Newcastle University

  • Digital Health: Prof Abi Durrant, Professor of Interaction Design, School of Computing
  • Digital Humanities: Dr James Cummings, Reader in Digital Textual Studies and Late-Medieval Literature
  • Machine Learning: Dr Stephen McGough, Senior Lecturer, School of Computing

University of Sheffield

  • Digital Health: Dr Andrew Narracott, Senior Lecturer, Department of Infection, Immunity & Cardiovascular Disease
  • Digital Humanities: Prof Michael Pidd, Director, The Digital Humanities Institute
  • Machine Learning: Position vacant

University of York
  • Digital Health: Prof Mark Sujan, Chair in Safety Science, Department of Computer Science
  • Digital Humanities: Dr Mike Stuart, Lecturer, Department of Philosophy
  • Machine Learning: Dr Nick Zachariou, Ernest Rutherford Fellow, School of Physics, Engineering and Technology

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