Bede User Group

The Bede User Group is an open forum that meets three times per year and is comprised of all users of Bede who wish to join.

This group naturally includes PIs and researchers as well as many of the Bede Support Group. During these regular meetings, the group discusses issues and identifies ways to improve hardware and software utilisation. Between meetings, issues, and suggestions can be raised on the dedicated Bede User Group channel on the Bede Slack workspace.
All Bede Users can join the Bede Slack workspace by contacting the RSE Theme Lead. This workspace gives the possibility for quick-turnaround support by other Bede users and members of the Bede Support Group.

Bede User Group Mailing List

This mailing list is for any Bede user who is interested in contributing their feedback and being actively involved in shaping the Bede service through Bede User Group meetings etc.

Email majordomo@durham.ac.uk including subscribe n8cir-bedeusergroup in the body of the text.

Terms of Reference and Membership


The Bede User Group provides an interface between the Bede user community and the Bede Management Board. It provides an opportunity for Bede users to give feedback, request changes in policies and procedures, and interact directly with members of the Bede Support Group.

Terms of Reference

The Bede User Group is a place for Bede users to feedback and comment on all aspects of the service. Specific responsibilities of the Group include:

  • Gathering feedback and suggestions from the Bede user community,
  • Flagging training needs that exist in the user community,
  • Engaging with the Bede Support Group,
  • Reporting to the Bede Management Board.

The Chair of the Bede User Group reports at the N8 CIR Steering Group meetings and forwards any suggestions of collaborative projects to the N8 CIR Project Working Group. Information on these groups can be found on the N8 CIR governance page.


The Bede User Group consists of:

  • Research Software Engineering Theme Lead, who is chairing the group
  • Bede Research Software Engineers
  • Members of the Bede Support Group
  • Members of the Bede user community (N8 and non-N8)

Out of the Bede Support Group and the Bede user community, any member can ask to join the Bede User Group by signing up to the mailing list.

Meetings and other Communication Channels

The Bede User Group meets three times per year (once per term) with interim meetings taking place if required.

In between meetings, communication takes place through a mailing list and a dedicated channel on the N8 CIR Bede Slack workspace. The Slack workspace is open to all Bede users and provides an opportunity for them to raise any issues and concerns directly in a dedicated channel. It is also monitored by the Chair of the Bede User Group who will pick up on general feedback, frequently raised issues, and the general sentiment in the user community.


Updates from the Bede User Group meetings, including any presentations and a moderated list of issues, questions, and suggestions arising in these meetings, will be made available on the N8 CIR website.

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