The N8 CIR Logo

N8 CIR is part of the wider N8 Research Partnership. You can read more about the N8 Research brand and download appropriate assets here:

If you are working with N8 CIR and need to use our logo you can download it from the links below.

There are three versions of the logo and they are available in two formats, firstly a PNG file that should be accessible to most users and an SVG file that requires software such as Adobe’s Illustrator or Photoshop to open and use.

If you need to discuss any aspect of using this logo please e-mail Niki Harratt, N8 CIR Marketing and Communications Officer:

A guide to using the N8 CIR Logo

This two-page guide explains how to use the N8 CIR logo; we know that most people will be looking to use it in software like Word or Powerpoint. The guide gives you advice about the best size to use alongside examples of using it with coloured backgrounds and images.

  N8 CIR Logo Guide

N8 CIR Logos as PNG files

  N8 CIR Colour Logo - PNG   N8 CIR Black Logo - PNG   N8 CIR White Logo - PNG

N8 CIR Logos as Vector Graphics

  N8 CIR Colour Logo - SVG   N8 CIR Black Logo - SVG   N8 CIR White Logo - SVG
Full colour version of the N8 CIR logo
Full colour version of the N8 CIR logo

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