Machine Learning Case Studies

Find out more about how the N8 CIR has helped Machine Learning researchers in furthering their work.

Julie Wilson

Digital Health - University of York

Dr Julie Wilson is a professor in applied statistics in the Department of Mathematics at the University of York. She develops methods for data pre-processing and analysis and has experience in statistical pattern recognition, classification and machine learning techniques.

RSEs were able to help her research by rewriting code (originally in C) in R, which significantly reduced computation time.

  Cell Morphology.pdf

Elizabeth Dickinson

Digital Health - University of York and Croda Europe Ltd

Dr Elizabeth Dickinson is a Post-Doctoral Knowledge Tranfer Partnership Associate at the Department of Mathematics, University of York and Croda Europe Ltd. She works on multivariate statistics primarily applied to data from analytical chemistry techniques (chemometrics) and machine learning.

She found working with an RSE helpful as they were able to fix bugs, optimise code, and annotate changes.

  Croda Shiny.pdf

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