General Case Studies

The case studies are from research outside our main research themes or of general interest.

Pete Edwards

University of York

Much of Pete Edwards' research relies on the creation, management and manipulation of data. In this case study he talks about how working with RSEs has increased the capabilities within his group and enabled him to work on more ambitious projects.

  Affordable Air Quality Monitoring for Improved Air Quality Management in West Africa

Mark Leake

University of York

In this case study Mark Leake explains how his group worked with a research software engineer to develop new analysis routines for the huge volumes of data generated by the latest generation of fluorescence microscopes.

  Efficient and Extensible Single Molecule Analysis with PySTACHIO

Peter Tymms

Durham University

In this case study Peter Tymms explains how working with Advanced Research Computing at Durham University enabled him to scale his analysis from the laptop to high-performance computing platforms.

  Peter Tymms - Agent Based Modelling in the Classroom

Mariann Hardey and Marion Weinzierl

Durham University

Since N8 CIR became a chapter of the Women in HPC organisation they have been working to find new ways of promoting equality and diversity within the RSE community.

  Improving Diversity in Research Software Engineering

Ed Ruck-Keene

Durham University

Since the summer of 2017 Advanced Research Computing at Durham University have been working to create a central research software engineering team to support researchers across the institution.

In this case study Ed Ruck-Keene talks about the process of undertaking this work and introduces the RSEs who are already part of the team.

  Growth of an RSE Team in Durham

Mark Richardson

University of Leeds

In this case study Mark Richardson talks about his work at CEMAC, the Centre for Environmental Modelling and Computation.

Mark and his team of software scientists work with academics to improve and add capabilities to research groups across the University of Leeds.

  CEMAC - Centre for Environmental Modelling and Computation

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