Research Data Management

Research data management (RDM) is the effective handling of information that is created in the course of research. Whilst it is a specific academic activity in its own right, it also requires close collaboration with allied professionals across a university such as information governance, ethics committees and research IT.

Many researchers will already be performing RDM activities from research data management planning, ethics paperwork and the safe and ethical collection, storage, sharing and disposal of research data.

However, the rapid and ongoing development of computationally intensive methods and cloud computing solutions mean that new approaches, processes and policies are required to ensure the safety and security of research data.

The N8 Research Data Management Network is a collaboration between RDM specialists from across the N8 Research Partnership. The intention is to provide a forum to identify and develop best practice and share this with the wider research community.

If you have ideas for workshops, presentations or activities around research data management please e-mail Rosie Higman, Research Data Manager, University of Sheffield.

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