Women in HPC

In 2021, N8 CIR became officially a Women in High Performance Computing (WHPC) chapter.

We aim to create a community within N8 CIR that is inclusive and welcoming to people from all backgrounds. We want to create a focus on gender balance which will help to build diversity and inclusivity. We also want to improve the accessibility of our events and activities, in particular for people with disabilities.

Key Goals

  • Raise the profile of the issue of gender balance and inclusivity in N8 CIR, and with the academics we work with.
  • Better understand key issues limiting the uptake of training places by women, with the aim of improving gender balance at training workshops.
  • Examine issues regarding lack of women in senior roles in the HPC environment – what are the barriers? What interventions would help?
  • Raise the profile of people from underrepresented groups within the HPC environment across the N8 through e.g. case studies, interviews, twitter posts.

The group is committed to providing an environment that is accessible and inclusive for individuals with disabilities.

In order to achieve these goals, we have set up an action group, consisting of academics, RSEs, researchers, and senior managers, that will meet (online) at least 3 times a year (with one meeting per year planned as an “open meeting”, inviting other N8 CIR members) and has the objective to define, implement and monitor actions for better diversity, inclusion and accessibility across the N8.

What we do

The WHPC Chapter offers events and training specific to our members to further our goals of supporting women in HPC.

Past Events

WHPC International Women's Day Celebration

WHPC Carpentry Training

We also monitor all of our events and training to ensure there is an equal balance of genders where possible.

All of our events are designed to be as accessible as possible to meet the needs of attendees in order to remove barriers to attendance.

Get Involved

If you are interested to get involved in the action group or hear more about our WHPC chapter, please contact: enquiries@n8cir.org.uk

If you would like to become a member of our chapter, please sign up as an individual member of WHPC and select N8 CIR as your chapter. If you are already a WHPC member you can select N8 CIR as a chapter in your preferences.

You can find out more about the Women in HPC organisation at: https://womeninhpc.org/

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