DRI Retreat 2025

Monday January 13th - Friday January 17th, 2025

This five-day residential retreat will again take place in Manchester and comprises panel discussions and group sessions for technology specialists to develop soft skills and network with peers. This national event is open to software engineers, infrastructure engineers, data managers, academics, and industry professionals at any stage of their careers. We encourage those new to these fields to attend. Paid accommodation is offered to all in-person attendees.

The suggested sessions have been loosely divided into four themes:

1 Collaboration and Communication
Collaboration across DRI professions
Effective communication with researchers from different disciplines
Relationships between schools and Early Career Researchers (ECRs)
Creating training and promoting DRI within academia
Making connections as the ‘lone’ DRI professional within your workplace
2 Finding Answers to Your Questions
How funding bodies support DRI
Barriers to access HPC in research
Experiences using cloud compute
Building relationships with industrial partners
Strategy development and business cases, the dos and don’ts
Securing funding for DRI initiatives
Security and compliance for DRI professionals
3 Emerging Technologies and the future of DRI
The DRI landscape and context
The impact of AI and machine learning on DRI workflows
Preparing for the next generation of research computing infrastructure
Providing infrastructure solutions
DRI and the innovation lifecycle
DRI beyond HPC and RSE
Data collection, sustainability, and integrity
The environmental impact of DRI
Mentorship in DRI
4 Leadership and Career Development
Leadership skills for DRI profesionals
Career pathways for DRI professionals
Technical support and how it is evolving
Accessible training and future proofing DRI skills
Recruitment and diversity. How should it be improved?
Hybrid working solutions

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