Bede Support Group

The Bede Support Group (BSG) is a subgroup of the N8 CIR PWG and is led by the RIE Theme Lead, RSE Theme Lead, and the head of the on-site platforms group.

This group consists of research software engineers, research infrastructure engineers, and system administrators from across the N8 Research Partnership. The group works together to answer technical queries relating to Bede and support Bede Users in all software-related queries concerning porting their code to Bede, running it there, and using the features of the platform effectively and efficiently. They also organise training sessions.

The BSG communicates via a Slack channel and a mailing list and meets once per quarter. If you have a technical query about Bede or need support porting your code to the machine please contact your local Bede RSE.

The group is also supported by partners from IBM and OCF, ensuring Bede is utilised in the most effective way possible.

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