Digital Health

Digital Health is one of the N8 CIR key research themes. We support medical researchers and staff to increase their research networks through the running of networking events and training workshops.


Computationally intensive research, complementing our increasing understanding of the mechanisms underpinning human life and disease, together with our unprecedented ability to measure and collect health-related data, is creating opportunities for better prevention and care. Specific topics of research include:

  • Connected health
  • Health data analytics
  • Drug discovery
  • Omics
  • Virtual Physiological Human
Academic Theme Leads
The theme leads for each institution are:
  • Durham - Dr James Liley, Co-Director of the Durham Biostatistics Unit
  • Lancaster - Dr Claudio Fronterre, Lecturer in Biostatistics (Global Health), Faculty of Health and Medicine
  • Leeds - Dr Samuel Relton, Associate Professor of Health Data Science, School of Medicine
  • Liverpool - Prof Sarah Rodgers, Professor of Health Informatics
  • Manchester - Dr David Jenkins, Lecturer (Health Data Science), Division of Informatics, Imaging & Data Sciences
  • Newcastle- Prof. Abi Durrant, Professor of Interaction Design, School of Computing
  • Sheffield - Dr. Andrew Narracott, Senior Lecturer, Department of Infection, Immunity & Cardiovascular Disease
  • Digital Health - Prof Mark Sujan, Chair in Safety Science, Department of Computer Science

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