Digital Health Resources

A collection of resources provided for the N8 CIR Digital Health community from workshops and meetings.

Recorded Training

Analysing the 100,000+ accelerometer datasets in the UK biobank

Accelerating CASTEP without breaking Is perfectly portable performance possible?

CarpenPI Newcastle RSE Team

Clinical code selection in primary care data

Ethics and deposit/sharing Making them work together

N8 CIR Workshops

Cryo Em Genomics and life sciences workloads on Bede

Ethics for computational research Workshop information and resources

GlueViz Workshop information and resources

HPC for healthcare

Paraview Workshop information and resources

Python Twitter in health data research

Reproducible analysis in R Workshop information and resources

Lecture and Seminar series

Down and out in the magic kingdom

HPC: Why do so few people care?

The future of FAIR

Extending the reach of the UK BioBank data into the mitochondrial genome

N8 CIR UK biobank seminar series

N8 CIR Community Day

Digital Health Community Day

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