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Introducing the N8 CIR Theme Leads at Lancaster University, research groups, resources, seminars, and events happening locally that may be of interest.

Digital Health

Theme Lead: Dr Claudio Fronterre , Lecturer in Biostatistics (Global Health), Faculty of Health and Medicine

Digital Humanities

Theme Lead: Dr Ian Gregory, Professor of Digital Humanities, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

I work in Digital Humanities and am particularly interested in using Geographical Information Systems (GIS) with texts as well as the more traditional quantitative sources. I have used these approaches to study a range of topics from historical demography to Lake District literature. This research has been the subject of several major projects including the European Research Council-funded Spatial Humanities: Texts, GIS, Places, the Leverhulme Trust funded Geospatial Innovation in the Digital Humanities and, most recently, the ESRC/NSF Funded Space Time Narratives project.

Lancaster’s Digital Humanities Centre brings together internationally recognised centres of excellence in the spatial humanities, corpus linguistics, and natural language processing (NLP), and combines these with broad expertise across the digital humanities as a whole.

Machine Learning

Theme Lead: Dr Chris Nemeth, Senior Lecturer in Statistics

My research is in the areas of computational statistics and statistical machine learning, specifically Markov chain Monte Carlo, sequential Monte Carlo, Gaussian processes and approximate Bayesian computation for intractable likelihoods. Currently, I am working on the problem of efficient Bayesian inference for big data problems via distributed computing and data sub-sampling. My research has an impact in a variety of application areas including target tracking, ecology and econometrics and I am currently collaborating extensively with a number of climate scientists on environmental data science challenges.

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