18 DEC


CASTEP Drop-in Session

Physics Computer Lab, University of York
18 Dec 2019 2 p.m. — 5 p.m.

A FREE drop-in session for existing CASTEP users

About this Event

CASTEP is a leading code for calculating the properties of materials.

This FREE drop-in session is intended for existing users of the software who have completed the one-week CASTEP course but now have further questions that are specific to their work and research areas.

Perhaps you would like to know the best way to run in parallel or how to set up a particular form of spectroscopy calculation? Present at the session will be three of the Primary CASTEP authors; Stewart Clark of Durham University and Phil Hasnip and Matt Probert from the University of York, making this workshop a great opportunity to get those, and many more, questions answered.

This course is not a course for new users or those with no experience of using CASTEP, it is an opportunity to tailor your existing knowledge to specific problems and challenges that you are facing with the help and support of experienced users.

This training is only open to those working and studying at one of the N8 Universities.

If you are making a special journey to York to attend this session you are welcome to join the leaders for an informal chat over lunch before the session begins.

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