08 NOV


Data Access for Digital Health

Join us for a half-day event where we discuss the challenges of data access in the field of digital health

8 Nov 2023 1 p.m. — 5 p.m.

If this event is sold out, please join the waitlist and we will increase capacity

Join us for a half-day event where we discuss the challenges of data access in the field of digital health and what organisations and researchers are doing to overcome this challenge.

One of the key difficulties in the Digital Health theme is data access, governance, and having platforms with sufficient security measures in place (whilst retaining high-performance!). In this event we will touch upon the legal and ethical barriers to data access, look at some platforms that can support computationally intensive healthcare research, and hear from successful research projects about how to overcome these barriers. The event will be open to all N8 partners, and should be useful for everyone that struggles with these hurdles.

We have invited leaders in Digital Health and speakers from UKDS, UK HSA, and UK Biobank to talk about how to access specific datasets, what we could be doing better, and what researchers want to see next. Make sure you register to be part of a national discussion on data access for digital health.


1:00pm Welcome/introduction

1:10pm Organisation speakers

2:40pm Break

3:00pm Researcher presentations

4:00pm Break

4:10 Discussion

5:00pm Finish


Vanessa Higgins and Cristina Magder, UKDS

Title: Universal access to research ready data: An introduction to finding, accessing, and using health data from the UK Data Service

Isaac Odiase, HDR UK

Title: Enhancing the researcher health data discovery journey through research project feasibility analysis using the Gateway Cohort Discovery tool.

Ben Lacey, UK Biobank

Title: UK Biobank: democratising access to large-scale genomic and phenotypic data for discovery science

Researcher Presentations

Prof. John McBet, University of Manchester

Title: The Jigsaw Project

Ifeanyi Chukwu and Adam Keeley, University of Leeds

Title: LASER: What is the University of Leeds’ TRE and how can you use it?

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