28 OCT


Ethics in Computational Research - Introduction

Join Niall O'Loughlin and Catherine Brewer for a session introducing data ethics for research.

Online Event
28 Oct 2021 10 a.m. — noon


This session is the first of three linked but separate sessions exploring and explaining key ethical concepts as they may apply to computational research.

It will offer an overview of ethics, integrity, and Responsible Research & Innovation:

  • Overview of governance, including Trusted Research, data protection and open data
  • Use of sensitive and health data with particular focus on use in external systems
  • Use of large publicly available data sets: social media, censuses, etc. including issues of internet-mediated research, GDPR concerns - processing, combining and identifying, sharing and publishing.

The session will also include time for questions and answers.


The session will be led by Niall O'Loughlin and Catherine Brewer, both of Durham University.

Niall O'Loughlin is head of Durham University's Research Policy Team, who are responsible for the review, development and implementation of all of the policies and processes that underpin the university's research innovation activities.

Catherine Brewer is a Research Policy Officer in Research and Innovation Services at Durham University.


Joining details will be sent to applicants during the day on Wednesday 27 October.

This event is only open to those working or studying at one of the N8 Research Partnership universities. Please register using your academic ( e-mail address to help confirm your eligibility.

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