IBM Training For Bede

During spring 2021 IBM are delivering a series of workshops and training sessions on N8 CIR's new high-performance computing platform, Bede. This page contains videos and copies of the slides from each of these sessions.

Session 1 - HPC

The first of the three sessions took place on Friday 12 March and was intended to offer a general overview of Bede across three key areas:

  • Hardware and Software
  • GPU Programming
  • Application Porting and Tuning

The document below is the speaker slides from the event. Clicking on them will download them to your machine.

  IBM Training for Bede - HPC

The videos below feature Ludo Enault, IBM HPC and AI Technical Expert, covering each of these subjects in some depth.

Part 1 - Hardware and Software

Part 2 - GPU Programming

Part 3 - Application Porting and Tuning

Session 2 - AI

The second of the sessions was focused on AI and took place on Friday 19 March. and covered:

  • OpenCE overview : What has changed compared to WMLCE?
  • How to build your customized Conda setup with OpenCE
  • Resources, ecosystem and support

The videos below feature Maxime Deloche and Jean-Armand Broyelle of IBM Montpellier exploring their approach to IBM Power Systems for AI workloads.

Part 1- Running AI Workloads on IBM Power Systems

Part 2 - WML-CE & Open CE

Part 3 - Large Model Support

If you think that Large Model Support would be useful in your research then please contact your local Bede RSE Support to let them know: https://n8cir.org.uk/supporting-research/facilities/bede/rse-support-bede/

This will help us to build a community around this specialist software and help us to engage IBM to continue support for it in future operating systems.


The documents below are the speaker slides from the event. Clicking on them will download them to your machine.

  WML-CE Workload Optimisation.pdf

  OpenCE Overview.pdf

  WMLCE LMS in Action.pdf

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