05 JUL


N8 CIR Trainers' Meet Up - Newcastle University

N8 CIR is creating a Centre of Excellence in the methods, skills and facilities that underpin the research objectives of the N8 universities.

Seminar Room 3.39, The Armstrong Building, Newcastle University
5 Jul 2019 noon — 2 p.m.

N8 CIR would like to invite members of Newcastle University's training community to an introduction event to N8 CIR and our training plans for the future.

N8 CIR has a number of roles including the building of communities of practice focused on strategic research themes and to develop computational skills across the N8. The initial research themes are Digital Health and Digital Humanities which were launched in January with a series of events for researchers. These events identified, amongst others, the skills requirements for researchers within these areas. We are now looking to find out what training expertise exists within the N8 partnership, what the training provider needs are and how we can bring together trainers and researchers to drive innovation and best research practice.

This informal meeting will introduce N8 CIR and discuss our proposed plans to assist the training community by providing research-theme-specific training examples, training aids and organising or hosting external training providers for N8. We want to know if the training community would find these proposals useful and if there are other ways in which we could assist.

The meeting will provide plenty of discussion time for requirement and information-gathering which will help to inform our work plan for the future.

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