Online Training Resources

This page is an attempt by N8 CIR to bring together links to online training and resources that people may find useful to access.

If you are organising an online course or plan to share resources, or know someone else who is, then please send the details to and we will add it to this page as soon as we are able.

University of Manchester

Each of these courses have been prepared at the University of Manchester. The resource links include links to slides, exercises and files. The exact combination and filetypes varies as it is specific to each course.

Automation and Make (Software Carpentry)

Introduction to Data Visualisation and Analysis

Introduction to MATLAB (Software Carpentry)

MATLAB on-ramp

Introduction to Python (Software Carpentry)

Introduction to the Unix Shell (Software Carpentry)

Introduction to Version Control using Git and GitHub

University of Sheffield - Bioinformatics

An online resource with courses on Statistical Analysis in R, Data Manipulation and Visualisation, Introduction to command line for bioinformatics and many more.

University of York - Online Materials

A comprehensive set of resources for a variety of programming languages including Python and R. Subject specific training in Ecology, Genomics, Social Sciences and Geo-spatial data. Further resources for GitHub, GPU and HPC.

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