24 MAR


RDM Network Event

The second meeting of our research data management network will take place on Wednesday 24 March.

Online Event
24 Mar 2021 10 a.m. — 11:30 a.m.


The overall theme for the event is 'sensitive data' and will feature speakers from across the UK, talking about different aspects of this often-challenging subject.

John Southall of the Bodleian Library will be joining us to speak about the Safepod network and Zosia Beckles will talk about Bristol University's extended support for publishing sensitive research data. We'll add details of further talks as soon as their details are confirmed.

Zosia Beckles
Research Information Analyst
University of Bristol
Managing sensitive research data at the University of Bristol: from planning to publication

This talk will address key areas in which the University of Bristol Research Data Service offers support to researchers dealing with sensitive data, including meeting GDPR requirements, appropriate wording of consent forms, and assessment of risk in data publication and methods to mitigate this.

Join the RDM Directory

Adding a directory of research data management specialists to the N8 CIR website will be an important part of developing the network.

If you would like to be listed in this directory, please send your contact details, job title and a brief description of your areas of interests/expertise (1-2 sentences) to:


This new network is currently relying on email for communications, but existing members are keen to find out if other platforms, such as Teams or Yammer, may be more suitable.

Please send your thoughts and feedback on this, including your preferred platform, to:

This event is only open to those working or studying at one of the N8 Research Partnership universities. When registering, please use your academic e-mail address to help confirm your eligibility.

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