09 DEC


Text Encoding Initiative Workshop

The TEI Guidelines are a de facto standard for the representation of full text from historical sources for research and are frequently used in digital humanities research.

Lewin Computer Room, University of Sheffield
9 Dec 2019 10 a.m. — 5 p.m.
About the TEI Guidelines

The TEI Guidelines provide recommendations for the markup of texts to distinguish a wide variety of textual phenomena found in text of any form, date, language, or writing style. The individual chapters of the Guidelines detail how to deal with common genres of text (such as verse, drama, dictionaries, or spoken text), methods of approaching primary sources or creating critical editions, as well as how encode supplementary metadata (such as named entities or manuscript descriptions).

One of the things that makes the TEI Guidelines different from other standards is the ability to constrain and extend it through a machine-readable customisation format; this enables projects to customise the wide-ranging choices the TEI provides to the needs of their specific project.

About This Workshop

This workshop is a 1-day intensive introduction to the TEI Guidelines provided by Dr James Cummings and Dr Tiago Sousa Garcia from Newcastle University. No previous experience with the TEI Guidelines or XML markup is needed. The workshop will balance introductory lectures with practical exercises.

Participants are expected to bring their own laptops and will be sent instructions on how to install the Oxygen XML Editor prior to the workshop. The learning aims of the workshop include:

  • Introducing XML markup
  • Providing a general overview of the TEI Guidelines
  • Understanding the overall structure of a TEI document and its metadata
  • Gaining hands-on experience of editing TEI XML documents
  • Experiment with linking names to named entity metadata
  • Exploring the ability to customise the TEI Guidelines for one’s own projects

The workshop is free to attend for those working and studying at one of the N8 Research Universities.

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