Bede has been Formally Handed Over

The commissioning of N8 CIR’s new HPC system reached a major milestone on 17 August when OCF handed the system over to Advanced Research Computing at Durham University.

What would normally have been a two-week installation and commissioning process has been extended to more than two months because of restrictions imposed because of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Over the coming weeks the team in Durham will be completing a range of tasks on the system including ensuring that libraries and compilers are installed, queuing processes work and ensuring security of the system. Other external jobs such as privacy statements will be completed alongside the commissioning process.

Bede was first used during GPU Hack at the end of July and we will be sharing a short post about that experience from the University of Sheffield’s Paul Richmond later in the month.

Working with users on the system has already helped to improve documentation and identify areas for improvement. In the coming weeks there will be a call for early adopters to apply to use the system.

Full details of the system’s hardware can be seen here: https://n8cir.org.uk/supporting-research/facilities/bede/hardware/

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