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Digital Health and Digital Humanities Themes Announced

Digital Health and Digital Humanities will be the main focus of N8 CIR over the coming year.

N8 CIR aims to support the strategic research objectives of the N8 universities by building communities of practice around selected N8 strategic research priorities. Five priorities (themes) were identified in 2018 by the N8 Strategic Executive Group (N8 SEG) for N8 CIR to tackle. In the first instance N8 CIR will concentrate primarily on two themes – Digital Health and Digital Humanities.

A research roadmap will be developed for each theme in conjunction with the research community; the roadmap will identify key opportunities where N8 CIR could help to accelerate progress within that theme. N8 CIR will use the skills and expertise of research software engineers (RSEs) already working within the N8 to resolve bottlenecks and challenges faced by researchers aiming to target these research opportunities.

To initiate the roadmap development, Theme Leads have been appointed at each institution to gather feedback and requirements from the relevant communities. To find your local Theme Lead please see the relevant Theme pages. Many of the Theme Leads will be organising local meetings to talk directly to their research communities. These events will be announced on our website, Twitter and mailing list so please keep in touch if you would like to be involved or contact your Theme Lead directly.

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