DRI Retreat 2024

We are hosting a five-day retreat comprising panel discussions and group sessions for technology specialists to develop soft skills and network with peers on the 18th - 22nd March, 2024.

This event begins on Monday. FIND OUT ALL ABOUT IT


Monday - The DRI Landscape

The DRI context | The DRI Landscape

Tuesday - Engagement

Academic perspectives, Intake interviews | Mapping researchers needs to DRI skills and infrastructure | Helping each other as DRI professionals | Industry panel

Wednesday - Facilitation

DRI systems components | What lies ahead for DRI tech | Novel technologies | Portfolio management | Unconference session

Thursday - Leadership

The funding landscape | Grant writing | Teams, culture and diversity | Strategic thinking and vision | Developing a profession

Friday - Friends and Collaborators

Fostering positive vendor relationships | Stories from the trenches | Wrap up

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