EPCC GPU Hackathon 2021

GPU Hackathons have become an increasingly important training and development opportunity for researchers and academics. Participants are able to work with national labs, universities and industry leaders to accelerate their AI research or HPC codes.

The EPCC GPU Hackathon, taking place in April 2021, is a multi-day event for teams of three to six developers to accelerate their own codes on GPUs using a programming model or machine learning framework of their choice. Teams will receive mentoring and support throughout the event.

Like the majority of recent events, this hackathon will take place online. Teams are naturally expected to be familiar and fluent with the code they are using. No advanced GPU knowledge is required but a basic understanding of GPU programming and profiling will be needed.

Additional information and registration details can be found at:

Dates and Times
  • 19 February – Application Deadline
  • 19 April – Hackathon, day 1
  • 26 – 28 April- Hackathon, days 2-4
Additional Information

You can read a blog about last year’s event at:

You can find an overview of GPU lectures, tutorials and labs at:

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