Geographic Information System (GIS) Training from N8 CIR

A one-day introductory workshop for researchers in handling spatial data.

The team at N8 CIR is busy preparing a series of training events this autumn and winter. These will include sessions exploring the Text Encoding Initiative and a series of Reprohacks to aid reproducibility efforts.

The first to be confirmed is a one-day introductory workshop for GIS aimed at researchers who handle spatial data. This full-day workshop will take place at the Sackville Street Building at the University of Manchester on 11 December:

Spatial data is everywhere, from the point location of an event to census counts across counties, from satellite data of the whole earth to centimetre-scale laser-scans. For the last fifty years GIS has been defining and refining its techniques for storing, manipulating, and presenting spatial data. This workshop will take you from the fundamentals of mapped data up to the point where you can understand and perform complex GIS operations.

Like many of the courses arranged by N8CIR it is offered free of charge to those working or studying at one of the N8 Research Partnership Universities. For full details of the course, what it will cover and how to book a free place please visit:

Full details of our other training courses will be released soon. In the meantime why not follow us on Twitter at or join our mailing list via the contact page at:

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