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Introducing the N8 CIR RSE Theme Lead

Introducing Kirsty Pringle who will be leading the N8 CIR RSE Theme.

Kirsty Pringle joined N8 CIR in November 2018 as the Research Software Engineering (RSE) Theme Lead. Based at the University of Leeds, Kirsty will be responsible for building a community of research software engineers across the N8. She will also develop and coordinate two types of training (i) continuous professional development training for RSEs and (ii) technical training for academics (delivered by RSEs), across the eight N8 Universities.

Kirsty is a Model Domain Expert at the Centre for Environmental Modelling And Computation (CEMAC) at the University of Leeds. CEMAC is a specialist research software engineering group that provides technical and scientific support to users of computer models of the natural environment (including weather, pollution, earth system and climate models). Within CEMAC, Kirsty works with global models of air pollution; she is interested in the processes that affect the distribution of air pollution around the globe, and the effects this pollution can have on human health. She is also interested in citizen science, schools outreach and public engagement, and is a University of Leeds Engagement Excellence Fellow.

Kirsty completed her PhD at the University of Leeds, working with Professor Ken Carslaw on the development of the GLObal Model for Aerosol Processes (GLOMAP). She has also worked as a research scientist at the Max Planck Institute for Chemistry in Mainz, Germany and the Met Office in Exeter, UK.

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