N8 CIR YouTube gets a Makeover!

Our YouTube gets a new look to make it easier for you to access our training to fulfil your needs

If you’ve visited our veritable trove of training recently, you might notice a couple of differences. We have completely redesigned our YouTube from the thumbnails to the banner to make our training and events videos more accessible to you. At a glance, you can now see what training is available, how many parts, and what other videos are connected to it. We hope that these changes can help you to make the most of our resources and continue to develop your digital skills.


Our new Thumbnails make it easier than ever to find the training you want

We have also made our video resources available on our website. Simply visit the resources tab and you’ll see a list of training, events, and more organised by category with an indication of time investment. Our workshops are regularly oversubscribed, so this will enable the most people to access training on their own schedule.

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