Research Data Management

Research data management is a vital component of modern research practices. Our research data management network was formed towards the end of 2020 to help build a community and raise awareness of best practice.


Since its inception in late 2020 the research data management (RDM) network has organised three events. These have featured speakers from within the N8 research partnership alongside influential speakers from across the UK and Europe.

At the first event in November 2020 four speakers took to the floor to talk about RDM at their institutions. Speakers included Rosie Higman (Sheffield), Danielle Owen (Manchester), Chris Gibson (Manchester) and Graham Collins (Newcatle).

You can view resources from this event, such as sides and video at:

Fast forward to March and the group hosted their second event which featured speakers from outside of the N8 including Mary Donaldson of the University of Glasgow speaking about the ethical sharing of data from studies involving human participants and Zosia Beckles of the University of Bristol speaking about her institution’s approach to managing sensitive research data.

You can view videos of some of these presentations at:

For the third event the RDM network took a different approach and asked Sarah Jones, EOSC Engagement Manager at GÉANT, to speak about the future of FAIR. This was followed by a Q&A and a networking event to discuss the presentation. You can see Sarah’s presentation on our YouTube channel at:

Find out More and Get Involved

If you’d like to join and contribute to our research data management community then there are a few options open to you.

Firstly, you can follow us on Twitter, @N8CIR. This feed is a mixture of high-performance computing, research software engineering and research infrastructure engineering content as well as RDM and event and workshop promotion. We also have a dedicated RDM mailing list which you can subscribe to using the details here:

We have a small but growing RDM directory, listing RDM specialists from some of the N8 universities. You can find out who else is working in research data management, and find out how to add yourself here:

Case studies are a great way of showing the impact of RDM on projects. The N8 CIR website currently hosts a single case study in this area. Written by Chris Gibson of the University of Manchester. It explains how Manchester integrated research data management planning with DMPonline to help ensure that researchers were getting the support they needed.

Find out more at:

If you have ideas for workshops, presentations or activities around research data management please e-mail Rosie Higman, Research Data Manager, University of Sheffield.

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