Six Month Training Surveys

One of the key goals of N8 CIR is to increase the use of computationally intensive methods in academic research.

One of the ways that we do this is by offering training. In the first instance the training needs are identified by theme leaders at each of the N8 Universities, from there workshops are commissioned that address these perceived needs.

To help ensure that our courses are meeting the needs of the N8’s research communities we are introducing a six month training survey. This will help us to understand how the knowledge and experience is being used by researchers to accelerate discovery.

If the course proved useful, we can look to repeat it or organise a similar one to spread the benefits across a research community. If a workshop hasn’t provided you with all the skills you were expecting, we’d like to know that too.

When combined with the existing feedback that we have, this information will help us to tailor our future training offer to the communities that we serve. It may also enable us to identify and provide follow-up courses to ‘top-up’ knowledge or unlock the benefits of training that’s already been given.

Our first set of training surveys will be going out the week ending 14 March. If you receive one, please do take a few minutes to fill it out. It might mean that another researcher is able to receive the same benefits that you have, or help us to avoid offering something that serves little benefit to the wider community.

Thank you for your support.

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