N8 CIR Launches Training Provision Survey

Ensuring that researchers have the skills they need to maximise the benefits of high performance and high throughput computing is a significant part of the work of N8 CIR. This new survey will help us to ensure that researchers are able to develop these key skills across the partnership.

Since its inception, the N8 Centre of Excellence for Computationally Intensive Research (N8 CIR) has sought to share the methods, skills and facilities to underpin the strategic research objectives of the N8 Research Partnership.

As part of this work N8 CIR have been gathering information about the training expertise that exists across the partnership and identifying the gaps and requirements for researchers. It is clear that there is a growing demand for courses that teach computational and data skills to researchers.

N8 CIR has been working with the UK’s Software Sustainability Institute ( to develop a survey of those who have previously delivered training, or would like to deliver training in the future. Having a clear picture of the expertise that sits at each institution will enable N8 CIR to more easily provide support and development opportunities to researchers.

The survey includes a list of courses that are seen as being needed across the partnership and asks participants to let us know if they are able to deliver them. It also asks what additional support potential trainers may need to deliver courses and whether they would be interested in delivering courses at other institutions as and when conditions allow.

Examples of researcher training are not limited to computing topics but could include library skills alongside software, data and HPC carpentry.

The more information that the survey gathers, the more effective any future training and support will be. You can complete the survey here:

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