An image of the SUMMIT supercomputer located in Oak Ridge, California. NICE will be based on the same computing architecture.

UKRI Open Call for Covid-19 Researchers

The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic is seeing an increasing demand for computing resources. To help address this, UKRI have published a list of computing resources available across the UK.

These resources are available to researchers who want to contribute to the understanding of, and response to, the COVID-19 pandemic and its impacts. There are a range of areas covered by this call including health, social, economic, cultural and environmental impacts of the outbreak. Full details can be found here:

The Northern Intensive Computing Environment is on this list, even though it is not yet commissioned. Requests requiring the unique systems architecture of NICE would be used to advocate for temporary access to complete the installation thereby making this exciting new resource available to further our understanding of Covid-19 and its impact.

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