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Digital Health Data Management Workshop

Join Cristina Magder for her two-part online data management course on the theme of digital health.

25 Jan 2023 1 p.m. — 3:30 p.m.
31 Jan 2023 1 p.m. — 3:30 p.m.

Apply for a place at this two-part online workshop by registering for the event and answering the questions.

Data frequently outlive the research projects that produced them. After funding is no longer available, researchers may continue working on data, follow-up projects may analyse or supplement the data, and data may be reused by other researchers. To promote scientific research and to increase opportunities for learning and innovation, well-organized, well-documented, and shared data are essential.

The two sessions organised on the 25th of January (13.00-15.30) and 31st of January (13.00-15.00) will cover critical elements in the data lifecycle with an emphasis on ensuring FAIR data sharing.

The first day session, titled “Basic Research Data Management: FAIR Data Sources and Data Management Planning” will cover:

  • Introduction to UK Data Service and Responsible Repositories
  • Browsing, Searching and Using the UK Data Service Data Catalogue
  • Data Sharing Benefits and Data Management Planning
  • Data and Code Deposit Requirements

The second day session, titled “Ethical and Legal Considerations: Primary and Secondary” will include a short recap of day one and be focused on key concepts including:

  • Data Protection Legislation and Ethical Considerations for Primary and Secondary Data
  • Copyright and Other Rights in Data Use and Sharing

By the end of this these two days attendees will:

  • Be aware of FAIR secondary data sources from responsible repositories;
  • Understand how proper research data management including data management planning can facilitate data sharing and increase impact of research;
  • Be aware of available freeware and support service.

No prerequisites are necessary, the events are designed to be of use for researchers creating and using data and for support staff that facilitate data sharing.

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