09 NOV


Library Carpentry Workshop

The Carpentries are hosting a Library Carpentry workshop for beginners at Lancaster University Library

Online webinar
9 Nov 2022 9 a.m. — 4:30 p.m.

The Carpentries are an international community that teaches computational, coding, data organisation, analysis, and visualisation skills to people with minimal or no prior programming knowledge.

Library Carpentry focuses on building software and data skills within library and information-related communities. The Carpentries' goal is to empower people in these roles to use software and data in their own work and to become advocates for and train others in efficient, effective and reproducible data and software practices.

This event will be held online on 9th November at 9am by colleagues from the University of Manchester Library.

The workshop will cover:

  • Techniques and good practice to keep your spreadsheet data tidy
  • OpenRefine software to automate repetitive data clean-up tasks
  • Bring your own messy data to work on!

Full details of the workshop and lesson schedule can be found here.

This is a hands-on workshop; the session has been designed in such a way to allow participants to practice skills as they learn.

This workshop is aimed at librarians, professional services staff and researchers who regularly work with spreadsheet data formats. If you work with large data sets, come along to learn new skills, find out how to save yourself time and reduce errors when working with data. All are welcome and no prior knowledge is necessary.

You can register for this workshop on the EventBrite page.

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