28 MAY


N8 CIR Meet-ups - N8 CIR RSE Highlights

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28 May 2020 3 p.m. — 4 p.m.

A set of four invited talks, delivered by RSEs working across the N8 Research Partnership.

Kate Court - Digital Storytelling Using Augmented Reality

At N8 CIR's summer meet-up in 2019 Kate delivered a lightning talk about her first 3 months as a research software engineer at Newcastle University.

She returns to our summer events this year to talk about her experience of working with Dr Michael Richardson to create the web application 'Seven Stories on the Tyne'.

Kate used Ionic 4, a flexible web framework, to mimic the feel of a mobile app, join her as she discusses some of the tips and tricks she used to ensure the package worked, regardless of patch mobile signal.

Dave Horsfall - Using Chatbots to Research Trust in Financial Applications

Dave Horsfall joined the RSE team at Newcastle just as the nation entered lockdown. Despite this challenge he is delighted to return to research software engineering and is already involved in a variety of interesting projects.

Phil Hasnip - Sustainable Materials Simulations

Phil Hasnip is based at the University of York and is part of a domain-specific RSE group working on condensed matter physics.

Dan Ellis - Using the Raspberry Pi as a Device for Portable Air Quality Monitoring

Dan Ellis has recently joined the team at CEMAC ( Centre for Environmental Modelling And Computation). For his presentation he will be speaking about the use of a Raspberry Pi as a device for portable air quality monitoring.

This event is only open to those working or studying at one of the N8 Universities.

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