28 NOV


Synthetic Data Generation Event

N8 CIR are hosting a 2-part Synthetic Data Hackathon to understand, brainstorm and produce synthetic data in your research field.

28 Nov 2023 10 a.m. — 4 p.m.

We are hosting a 2-part Hackathon around the topic of Synthetic Data. Following our "Introduction to Synthetic Data for Researchers" earlier this year we hope to bring together researchers and RSEs from across the N8. Linking all of our themes to understand, brainstorm and produce synthetic data in your field. The event will be split between a scoping workshop and the hackathon day.

The Scoping workshop will be held on 28th November 2023. The aim of the online event will be to explore areas where synthetic data could be applied to your research; engage in networking with potential collaborators and learn about different applied methods of producing synthetic data.

The Synthetic Data Hackathon event will be held in person in early 2024 to bring together teams from the scoping workshop. Teams will first present their ideas developed in the scoping workshop so newcomers can pick a team. The teams will then be guided through the process of creating synthetic data specific to their research (or perhaps even just for fun!).

Recommended audience:

Anyone who is interested in understanding or potentially using synthetic data for research purposes.


There are no formal prerequisites for attendance, but users will get the most out of the code demonstration if they have:

  • Watched the previous workshop video here: https://www.youtube.com/live/SbCYxChji_w?si=hbB0yjG_c5yhtjWA
  • Access to a computer with python installed or to an online python environment,
  • At least basic python competency (e.g. should know how to load packages, read in data, assign variables, write data out to a .csv, etc.).

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