30 JUN


UK Biobank Seminar - Prediction of worldwide trait population variation

The final in a series of seminars organised by N8 CIR to help researchers learn more about this vital resource.

Online Event
30 Jun 2021 10 a.m. — 11 a.m.

Chair: Dr Jianhua Wu, Associate Professor (Medical Statistics/Biostats), School of Dentistry, University of Leeds
Title - Prediction of worldwide trait population variation
Speaker – Bilal Ashraf, Durham University

Genomic prediction (GP) or sometimes called genetic prediction or risk prediction is a powerful tool in field of plants, animal breeding, human complex traits, and disease risk prediction.

In recent years with help of genetic markers it has revolutionized human and non-human species equally. There are many genetic data showcases/repositories worldwide which are a rich source of genetic data. As UK Biobank is one of the richest sources of genetic datasets which provide a great opportunity to predict the phenotypes using genetic information.

In this seminar I will briefly talk about the statistical methods and tools which may use to perform GP using UK Biobank data.

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