Join our experts for this free online Cloud-SPAN course on METAGENOMICS

11-21 April 2023

We welcome environmental scientists who would like to use high performance computing for metagenomics analysis, or anyone with an interest in metagenomics to register. No previous experience of the command line or HPC is required.

Register here!

This free course comprises online lectures, regular help drop-in sessions and support via slack.

Following completion you will be able to:

  • navigate a file system using the command line
  • log in to and exit your AWS instance (the cloud)
  • use common commands such as ls, pwd and cd, on the command line
  • perform quality control on reads and assemble them into a metagenome
  • perform polishing to improve an assembly
  • use binning to separate the metagenome into different species or MAGs (Metagenome-Assembled Genomes)
  • use Kraken 2 to assign taxonomy to reads and contigs and phyloseq in R to analyse taxonomic diversity

We offer Diversity and Hardship Scholarships to enable members of underrepresented groups and those with financial difficulties to participate in our training courses - deadline 13 March 2023.

For further details and the registration form please visit our website

If you have any questions contact us at cloud-span-project@york.ac.uk or follow us @Spancloud

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