Thursday 31 March - Leadership

An overview of the penultimate day of N8 CIR's Digital Infrastructure Retreat, which will focus on many aspects of leadership.

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9 - 10.15am – Grant Writing, Chair Alan Real

Writing grants can be one of the most daunting research activities, with the possibility of rejection and bruised egos very high.

This session will help attendees understand more of the process, from reading and interpreting the call, developing and refining ideas, through to making sure all of your documentation is correct.

Panellists - Phil Hasnip, Sylvain Laizet, Billy McGregor, Paul Richmond

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10.45am - 12pm – Teams, Chair Mariann Hardey

Building an effective team with complementary skills, personalities, perspectives and opinions takes time and care.

In this session the panel will outline some of their more successful approaches to building diverse and inclusive teams. They will also discuss communication tools and how do build effective mechanisms for working with other elements of the DRI landscape.

Panellists - Alys Brett, Oz Parchment, Mark Turner, Marion Weinzierl

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1 - 2pm – Lunch

A chance to refuel and reflect, ahead of the afternoon sessions.

1 - 2.30pm – Strategic Thinking and Vision, Chair Christopher Woods

Sometimes, just building an effective team isn’t enough.

In this session the discussion will focus on how you develop and embed you and your teams’ ideals into a long-term strategic vision. They will explain how you identify goals and milestones, mitigate risk, and ultimately discuss what success will look like.

Panellists - Jeremy Cohen, Andrew Edmondson, Katie Finch, Chris Jewell, Oz Parchment, Alan Real

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3 - 4.30pm – The Funding Landscape

This session will consider the funding that is available at both local and national levels.

The panel will offer advice on how to prepare a business case and some of the internal and external factors that will influence decision-makers. They will also discuss how you can influence and engage with consultation processes.

Panellists - Sylvain Laizet, Billy McGregor, Alan Real, Mark Wilkinson

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5 - 6pm – Developing a Profession, Chair - Matt Probert

Gaining recognition for the work and contribution of research software engineers (RSEs) has been a long road, indeed the process is ongoing.

In this session we will hear from key influencers as they discuss ways we can continue to develop the RSE role and apply the lessons learned to those working in the wider DRI landscape. The panel will look at common threads and challenges, and different career pathways within academia.

Panellists - Louise Brown, Jeremy Cohen, Andrew Edmondson, Mark Wilkinson, Christopher Woods, Claire Wyatt

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