Tuesday 29 March - Engagement

The second day of the retreat is focused on engagement. The sessions today will help grow collaboration between different roles, for example software engineering and data management.

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9 - 10am – Usability, Chair Marion Weinzierl

As DRI specialists we know and understand how our systems work, but can we communicate this clearly to researchers?

The first session of the day will discuss the usability of the software, systems and platforms that make up the DRI landscape and outline ways to initiate conversations about the needs of researchers, gather feedback, and then use these data to further improve usability and documentation.

Panellists - Andrew Edmondson, Pete Heywood, Mike Payne, Richard Regan

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10.30am - 12pm – Intake Interviews, Alan Real and Alison Clarke

Clearly identifying the needs of users can be a challenge, with assumptions made on both sides.

The second session of the day will outline some of the techniques, tips and tricks you can use to gather a clear understanding of the needs of researchers.

From 11am, we will be joined by researchers who will lead breakout sessions. Participants will be able to attempt their own intake and on-boarding interviews to ensure that each conversation with a researcher is a productive one.

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1 - 2pm – Lunch

A chance to refuel and reflect, ahead of the afternoon sessions.

1 - 2.30pm – Anticipating Needs, Chair Sarah Harris

How soon should you start planning to replace that ailing compute platform?

In this session the panel will discuss the role of scientists and research infrastructure engineers in identifying, specifying and installing the next generation of research hardware.

The panel will focus on institutional level development, regional facilities, as well as considering the long-term plans for systems like Archer.

Panellists - Emma Barnes, Karen Bower, Stewart Clark, Mike Payne, Andy Turner

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3 - 4.30pm – Outreach, Chair Gillian Sinclair

Are your teams an unknown unknown at your institution?

DRI professionals contribute an enormous amount to the research eco-system, but their skills and expertise can sometimes be hard to find. This session will outline some of the techniques used by successful teams to raise their profile and engage researchers.

Panellists - Batool Almarzouq, Simon Burbidge, Tom Burnley, Andrew Edmondson, Derek Groen, Phil Hasnip

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5 - 6pm – Industry Panel, Chair Stewart Clark

Salaries may be higher in industry, but are the challenges greater?

DRI isn’t solely a feature of academia, industry and commercial firms face similar challenges to build effective teams. In this panel we will hear from those working industry and how they influence corporate vision, manage the challenges of ownership and IP and even building effective partnerships with researchers.

Panellists - Tania Allard, Emma Hogan, Mark Parsons, Waldo Rosales, Ash Vadagama

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