Friday 1 April - Friends and Collaborators

An overview of the final day of N8 CIR's Digital Infrastructure Retreat, which will focus on working with those in, and outside, academia.

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9 - 10.15am – Fostering Positive Vendor Relations

A good relationship is a two-way process, not simply a vendor selling you the products that they want to, or are the most profitable.

In this session we will discuss how to clearly articulate your needs and value proposition, offer advice on how to ensure the relationship is mutually beneficial and how to recruit your vendor to sell your case internally. They’ll also highlight some hazards and red flags to make sure you’re not tripped up!

Panellists - Alastair Basden, Fiona Burgess, Steve Hindmarsh, Robin Pinning, Adrian Wander, Tobias Weinzierl, Mark Wilkinson

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10.45am - 12pm – Stories From the Trenches

Your best teacher is your last failure, or so the saying goes.

In the final panel of the retreat, there will be a discussion around how challenges and falls can be instrumental in identifying new directions and approaches. We’ll hear from other panellists who will offer examples of how short-term failures led to improvements and long-term success for them or their team.

To enable a free and frank discussion to take place, participants were told this video would not be made available.

12 - 12.30pm – Wrap-up, Alan Real

In this brief session, we’ll offer a summary of the week’s sessions, discuss some personal highlights from the retreat and offer some final ideas and inspiration for participants.

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12.30 – 1.30pm – Lunch and Depart

We won’t send you away with an empty stomach.

The final lunch of the retreat will be a final opportunity for participants to chat, network and savour the opportunities of in-person events.

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