Wednesday 20th March

Today we dive into the world of research technology. An opportunity to see what is under the hood of current research computing technology and what we can expect to see in the near future.

What is important to each of the DRI components and how do they work together?

Digital Research Infrastructure includes software, hardware, infrastructure and networks, and data storage and security systems. In this session we will hear from leaders in these areas on what is available and how they support research. We will also discuss how these components can complement each other and some of the shared challenges faced in their implementation.

Panellists: Bill Ayres, Emma Barnes, Pete Heywood, Peter Hill, Sam Bland, Simon Burbridge, Simon Hood

Break 10:00-10:15

What technology is likely to disrupt how we use and develop DRI technology?

Will we be replaced by AI and when should we move beyond the facilities available in our institution? DRI resources are becoming increasingly complex and the options available to both implementers and users can create a challenge. How do we work with academics to understand both their future requirements and how new technologies will enable new research? The AI hype will no doubt be a key area of this discussion as we explore how it will impact our DRI roles and how we can become the go-to experts in its application.

Panellists: Alistair Basden, Bill Ayres, Emma Barnes, Pete Heywood, Phil Hasnip, Christopher Woods

Break 11:15-11:30

A deep dive into some of AI applications that could directly impact the way we work as DRI professionals.

Here the panel will make the case for experimentation and offer strategies that will encourage researchers to join you on the journey. They will discuss ways to alleviate disruption from these experiments and help you inspire fundamental change.

The new batch of Grace Hoppers on BEDE will be shown as a use case for discussions around the challenges and benefits of implementing cutting-edge technology and how we make it generally available to researchers and DRI professionals.

Panellists: Alistair Basden, Bill Ayres, Phil Hasnip, Simon Burbridge, Christopher Woods

Lunch 12:30-13:30

People always want a bigger slice of the pie, how can we ensure that everyone gets at least a bite?

In this session, we’ll introduce and discuss strategies to ensure that the finite resources available, including computational resources and software knowledge, are effectively and equitably distributed across projects and domains.

Panellists: Matt Probert, Bill Ayres, Karen Bower, Mark Wilkinson, Tobias Weinzierl

Break 14:45-15:00

In the spirit of feedback and collaboration that’s at the heart of the event, this session will be led by conference attendees.

These discussions will draw out the key ideas and themes from the retreat so far, and use them to help attendees develop ideas and strategies to take with them when they return to their home institutions.

Networking/open table discussions

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